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Odds Comparison Eicehockey - 3x4mins of World

 Eicehockey - 3x4mins 

Thursday, January 28, 20211X2PayoutB`s
00:05Topor6942 (DIW) - berg_2394 (MPS)1.555.503.6090.52%1
00:35Ryba_Rybas (SLP) - denis_shupinskiy (MKG)1.326.255.5090.96%1
01:05denis_shupinskiy (MKG) - Topor6942 (DIW)1.575.503.6091.20%1
01:35berg_2394 (MPS) - Agreneg (WBT)4.756.001.3790.32%1
02:35Topor6942 (DIW) - Agreneg (WBT)4.005.751.4790.56%1
07:00Kolhoz (4M3) - Punisher_Games (PGM)1.555.253.8091.01%1
07:30Swooooi (SWT) - I_Love_You (ILY)1.169.508.5092.17%1
08:00MGN Magnitude (MGN) - Punisher_Games (PGM)1.655.503.2090.88%1
08:30Swooooi (SWT) - Kolhoz (4M3)1.326.755.0090.44%1
09:00I_Love_You (ILY) - MGN Magnitude (MGN)6.006.751.3092.25%1
09:30Punisher_Games (PGM) - Swooooi (SWT)5.006.501.3591.36%1
10:00Kolhoz (4M3) - MGN Magnitude (MGN)2.405.252.0591.33%1
10:30Punisher_Games (PGM) - I_Love_You (ILY)1.605.253.5090.81%1
11:00I_Love_You (ILY) - Kolhoz (4M3)5.006.751.3290.44%1
11:30MGN Magnitude (MGN) - Swooooi (SWT)4.005.751.4790.56%1
12:00NeZver88 (RBW) - pisklya (PSK)1.705.003.2090.85%1
12:30shuval13DGL (WHD) - VEL9979 (TNK)1.555.253.8091.01%1
13:00vormak244 (BSP) - pisklya (PSK)1.306.256.0091.25%1
13:30shuval13DGL (WHD) - NeZver88 (RBW)1.455.754.2591.00%1
14:00VEL9979 (TNK) - vormak244 (BSP)6.506.251.3092.33%1
14:30pisklya (PSK) - shuval13DGL (WHD)5.506.501.3291.47%1
15:00NeZver88 (RBW) - vormak244 (BSP)2.354.752.1590.81%1
15:30pisklya (PSK) - VEL9979 (TNK)3.504.901.6591.25%1
16:00VEL9979 (TNK) - NeZver88 (RBW)2.304.502.2590.79%1
16:30vormak244 (BSP) - shuval13DGL (WHD)
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